VIVIO Adds Retail Industry Leader, Marcus Osborne, to Advisory board as Consumers Need More Effective Specialty Drug Therapies at Lower Costs


News Release, 03/30/2022

As a Public Benefit Company with a mission of ensuring that every patient is on an effective therapy at a fair market cost, we are thrilled to announce that Marcus Osborne has joined our Advisory Board to help us get there. Marcus has a passion for working on big problems and there is no bigger problem than the waste of billions on therapies that don’t work and often harm patients.

Marcus previously served as Senior Vice President of Health Transformation at Walmart where he was focused on furthering Walmart’s goal of improving the healthcare industry in the U.S. by increasing access and affordability in the system for consumers, helping to launch Walmart Health and other key health initiatives.  Prior to joining Walmart in 2007, Osborne served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Clinton Foundation Health Access Initiative, helping increase access to HIV/AIDS treatment in the developing world, and as a Senior Management Consultant for Alliance Consulting Group in Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the Harvard Business School and received his Masters in Business Administration, graduating with honors.