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Breaking: J&J ERISA Employee
Benefit Lawsuit. Am I at Risk?

A J&J employee filed a class action lawsuit accusing their employer of breach of fiduciary duty for overpaying for prescription drugs through their health plan. J&J did the norm of hiring one of the Big 3 benefit consultants and one of the Big 3 PBMs, so how could things have gone so awry? This Webinar will answer:

For years, you’ve been told formularies reduce your spend and networks mean lower prices. Unfortunately, the facts suggest the opposite. What you’ve suspected all along is true, you are actually paying more, much more. If that’s not enough, transparently paying more, is the same as paying more.

Gene and CAR T-cell therapies are receiving much attention – both for the hope they offer patients and their million-dollar+ cost.

Understandably, many employers and their advisors are focused on how to pay for these therapies. However, the initial questions employee benefits leaders should ask are: Do these therapies work? And should I pay for them?

Employers are constantly challenged with the arduous task of managing their specialty drug spend. With pharmacy costs rising, it’s time
for benefits purchasers to implement specialty drug management programs focusing on member/employee well-being to improve health outcomes.


Alternative Funding vendors promise employers and employees “free drugs” by accessing Patient Assistance Programs. Recently, pharmaceutical manufacturers have begun denying these vendors access to Patient Assistance funds, and lawsuits have been filed against some of these vendors. Listen to the specialty drugs experts from VIVIO and the ERISA law experts from Frier Levitt.

To the casual observer, the optimistic discussion swirling around Humira biosimilars seems as if these competitor drugs will provide some relief to the country’s specialty drug problem. Unfortunately, the opposite is true; and our best opportunity in a generation to break the PBM stranglehold will be wasted.