A Seamless Specialty Drug Management Program

Covers both pharmacy and medical benefit drugs
VIVIO qClinicals™ – model-based care management
Real world effectiveness primary driver
No arbitrary formularies
PA replaced with individualized care planning
Transparent procurement model, lowest cost acquisition
Simple & transparent fee


VIVIO Precision Care™ erases the arbitrary line between pharmacy benefit and medical benefit and supports both for truly personalized care.

The Right Care

No need for arbitrary formularies that exclude certain drugs to maximize drug rebates from manufacturers.

Instead we use data and analytics to make drugs available based on real-world effectiveness and individual patient needs.

Simple care

VIVIO’s member concierge team is there to help with any questions on therapy, plan design, shipping or anything else

Whatever the problem is, it is ours to solve.

High cost specialty conditions

Managed one person at a time.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Affects 1.5M Americans
  • 3X more common for women
  • Staying active can help reduce pain and protect joint health
  • Affects 7.5M Americans
  • Most likely appears between ages 15-35
  • Up to 30% will develop psoriatic arthritis


Crohn’s Disease

  • A type of inflammatory bowel disease affecting 750K Americans
  • Children are twice as likely to be diagnosed
  • 2X risk for smokers
  • 1.7M newly diagnosed Americans in 2019
  • 600K deaths in 2019
  • The cancer death rate has fallen 27% since the peak in 1991



  • Affects 1.1M Americans
  • 14% are unaware of their condition
  • Without treatment, HIV usually progresses to AIDS in 10 years, or sooner in some people
  • Affects 1M Americans
  • Rate in northern states is 2X that of southern states below 37○ Parallel
  • 2-3X more common for women

Multiple Sclerosis

Hepatitis C

  • Affects 3.5M Americans
  • 15-45% get better without receiving treatment
  • Antiviral treatment cures > 90% of people treated
  • Affects 8% of Americans
  • Prevalence in children, is higher than adults
  • Causes 1.3M ER visits, 450K hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths/year

Severe Asthma/CIU

Cystic Fibrosis

  • Affects 30K Americans
  • More than 75% are diagnosed by age 2
  • More than half of CF population is age 18 or older
  • Affects 20K Americans
  • Median diagnosis age is between 1 and 36 months depending on severity
  • 1/3 of people have no known family history


Enzyme Replacement

  • 8K people with Fabry disease
  • 6K people with Gaucher disease
  • Other conditions include Wolman disease, MPS and Pompe disease
  • 50K people with Growth Hormone deficiency
  • Can be congenital or acquired in childhood or adult life
  • Side effects in children include sparse hair growth and frontal recession

Growth Hormone Deficiency (HGH)

Technology drives lower costs and better outcomes

VIVIO Precision Care™ is our proprietary specialty drug management program powered by VIVIO qClinicals™, our continuous improvement care model.

We’re transparent

You own your own data and you’re free to examine any underlying contact at anytime. Our only revenue source is our PMPM fees, and that’s it.

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