VIVIO Health named winner of 2019 Health Value Award for Specialty Drug Managers



Validation Institute Recognizes VIVIO with First Place Award

presented at 2019 World Health Care Congress

Washington, D.C. (April 30, 2019) – VIVIO, a specialty drug management company, won a prestigious first place Health Value Award for improving outcomes while lowering specialty drug costs for large self-insured employers.

In 2018, VIVIO reduced specialty drug spend 32% and lowered trend 18% across its book of business. Customers include Dean Foods, a Fortune 500 company and CHG Healthcare, consistently recognized as a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For.

“Specialty drugs are not only the fastest growing cost in healthcare, but are the least understood,” explains VIVIO Health CEO Pramod John. “It’s hard to price or manage something for which we don’t understand what ‘it works’ really means or whether it is actually ‘working’ for the patients who are on them.”

VIVIO uses data to understand what specialty drugs do at the individual, not population level. The company’s carveout product, VIVIO Precision Care™ fixes big unsolved healthcare problems: expensive drug therapies that don’t work; lack of real-world effectiveness; doctors not knowing what they think they know; the arbitrary line between pharmacy drug and medical benefit; and, egregious supply chain waste. VIVIO replaces the current pharma-centric therapeutic model with a data-centric one and drives better patient outcomes without overpaying. Employees and physicians have access to the right drugs based on individual data rather than self-serving policies. Typically, VIVIO saves large and mid-sized self-insured employers 25-35% of their current spend. Visit

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