The PBM Model is Dead
Is it Time to Move on?

On Tuesday, December 12, at 1p EST

For years, you’ve been told formularies reduce your spend and networks mean lower prices. Unfortunately, the facts suggest the opposite. What you’ve suspected all along is true, you are actually paying more, much more. If that’s not enough, transparently paying more, is the same as paying more.


In a world of readily available pricing and outcomes data, what value does a PBM model provide?


On Tuesday, December 12, at 1p EST, join 3 Axis Advisors and VIVIO for a spirited discussion about the outdated PBM model and what’s next.


Webinar Discussion Points :

- Why the PBM model is dead
- Why drugs often cost less outside of PBM contracts
- How personalized care and better health outcomes could cost less
- How to find an alternative to the PBM model


Benefits consultants
Employee benefits professionals


Tuesday, December 12, 2023
1p EST, 10a PST