Mark Cuban said, “If you’re using one of the big 3 pharmacy benefit managers, you’re getting ripped off. Period.” And then I said, “Oh, man—we NEED to do an episode on this.” …and then I went and got highly acclaimed pharmaceutical benefits expert Pramod John to come on the show and talk long form about Rx benefits in America, buying Rx, managing Rx plans, Mark Cuban’s company, and the whooooole ball of wax.

Tobias Kennedy
Host of The H.I.T. Podcast

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Pramod John, CEO of VIVIO Health, discusses issues with drug pricing and competition in the pharmaceutical industry. He talks about how the current system incentivizes higher spending on healthcare rather than better outcomes, and how lack of transparency and access to data prevents true competition.

[00:00:15] Introduces VIVIO Health mission
[00:02:07] Background and improving healthcare
[00:05:40] US overspends on drugs
[00:08:39] Public benefit corporation
[00:12:11] Rebates misalign incentives
[00:17:29] FDA approves ineffective drugs
[00:24:15] FDA efficacy vs. effectiveness
[00:29:47] Health insurance exchanges
[00:33:03] Humira lacks competition
[00:40:51] Lower cost Humira biosimilars
[00:44:38] Employers overpay despite alternatives
[00:47:53] Consultants have misaligned incentives
[00:51:46] Importance of fiduciary duty
[00:53:39] Data access drives competition
[00:55:33] Similar issues in other industries
[00:57:31] Ask doctors for data on treatments

Listen to the full podcast at: