Eric Channer Joins VIVIO as Chief Financial Officer


News Release, 01/17/2023

San Leandro, CA – VIVIO, a leading drug outcomes company, announced today that Eric Channer has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer.  

Eric is an experienced CFO in the health insurance and medical benefits industry. Prior to VIVIO, Eric was CFO of AmeriBen, a third-party administrator of medical insurance.  He helped lead that company through significant growth, various ownership structures, and a merger with Elevance Health. Eric began his career in public accounting with KPMG. Throughout his career, he has provided cultural and ethical leadership, business acumen, and an unwavering commitment to core values. Eric is active in his community, volunteering time to various charitable organizations. A licensed CPA, Eric received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, graduating Magna Cum Laude, from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business.

“Better health outcomes matter,” said Eric.  “Now, I’m part of a corporate ecosystem that uses this knowledge to ensure every patient receives a better health outcome at an affordable cost.”

“We are delighted to have Eric join our leadership team,” said Pramod John, VIVIO CEO.  “His financial skills and health industry experience will greatly benefit our current and future customers, stakeholders and the specialty drug industry as a whole.”

“I have always been a values and purpose-driven individual. Business has great potential to do good in this world, and VIVIO, a public benefit corporation, is rising to that potential,” said Eric.  “We will not only improve the physical health of our members and their families, but we will leave families, businesses, communities, and the world better than we found them.  This is a cause worth fighting for and I’m excited to be a part of VIVIO.”

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About VIVIO: We prioritize health outcomes by fixing the following system problems: identifying expensive drug therapies that don’t work even though they have FDA approval; not knowing if a member is responding adequately to the therapy; doctors not reading the clinical trials themselves; the arbitrary line between pharmacy and medical benefit; and, egregious supply chain waste. VIVIO uses clinical trial, patient, and financial data to drive better health outcomes while eliminating wasted spend.  VIVIO Precision Care™ plugs into an employer’s current carriers and PBMs.  In 2021, VIVIO customers spent 67% less on specialty drugs than the national benchmark.

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