Alex Jung: It’s time to Think Differently about Specialty Drugs

Denise Myshko

Formulary Watch, 06/21/2023

It’s time to abandon the term “specialty drugs,” argues Alex Jung, founder of Alex Jung Consulting at a forum sponsored by the Midwest Business Group on Health. When 53% of drug spend is considered specialty and new drugs launch at high prices, specialty drugs have become the norm. “When it’s more than half of spend, is it really special,” she asks. I don’t think specialty pharmacy exists anymore.”

The term specialty drugs, she pointed out, was coined 15 years to isolate that 2% to 3% of spend. Now most of the newer drugs are not oral solids. They are injectables or infusions and require special handling, storage and administration.

NOTE: Alex Jung is a VIVIO Advisory Board Member and Former Partner–Strategy/M&A at Ernst & Young.

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